Food & beverage photography

Add depth and flavor to the screen with custom food and beverage photography that showcases the colors, textures, and traditions of your dishes and drinks. I style the images with creative backgrounds and props that match the spirit of your brand.

Cookbook & lifestyle book photography

Take your readers on a journey with photography that brings your recipes and words to life. Highlight a story of slow living with sumptuous shots of fresh produce and natural greenery or transport your audience to an idyllic farm in the Nordic countryside. Whatever your story, I work with you to create a cohesive set of images that keep the pages turning.

Lifestyle photography

Highlight the beauty of life’s simple moments with artistic lifestyle shots that elevate the look and feel of your brand. Whether it’s a close-up of the way someone holds their coffee or a motion shot of a linen tablecloth billowing on a clothesline, I help you capture the ethos of your brand.

Editorial photography

Whether it’s for a magazine, blog, or website, I focus on the little details — a rose petal here, a dust of powdered sugar there — that bring your editorial shots and narrative to life. From the props and styling to the composition and lighting, I don’t stop until every element is just right.

Product & branding photography

Need images for your website launch or online shop? From crisp and clean backgrounds to elaborate still lifes that embody a mood, I help you craft grabbing visuals that enhance your brand identity.

Restaurant photography

Whether you run a corner coffeeshop or a luxury culinary destination, give your future customers a feel for the space and atmosphere you’ve created with striking images that capture your creativity and gastronomy. I shoot on location globally.

Social media photography

Build a portfolio of images you can pull from for your Instagram profile, Pinterest page, or any other social platform. I translate your social media goals and vision into scroll-stopping content that creates engagement for your brand.

How I work

What idea do you want to transmit? What impression are you trying to get across? Before any shots are taken, I work with you to understand your goals and dreams for the images. From there, I help you translate those desires into a creative direction, finding the right, props, displays, settings, and lighting to bring your vision to life.

Working languages: I work in English and Slovak and speak German conversationally. Location: I’m available for jobs around the globe.

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